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About Us


Our mission is to destroy back pain. 

BackerNation is a digital health and wellness company developing innovative products and services to empower people with information, tools, and resources to overcome their back pain and spine conditions.

For Consumers and Patients
BackerNation equips consumers and patients with back and spine issues to become knowledgeable self-advocates to make informed decisions about their specific conditions and situation.  We want consumers and patients to get the answers and treatments they need and deserve to lead productive, pain-free and enjoyable lives.

For Service Providers
BackerNation provides surgeons, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and all other service providers related to back and spine with innovative  tools to connect with patients and share their expertise and knowledge.

BackerNation's ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes, while decreasing health care costs.

Fast Fact

At any given point in time, approximately 770 million humans are impacted by back pain.

Founder's Story

"If it wasn't for my back issues, I never would have created BackerNation. And if it wasn’t for BackerNation, I wouldn't have overcome my back issues and be in such a good place today."

Jay ResioBackerNation

Jay Resio founded BackerNation due to his own back pain journey.  He had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2007 and in 2013 herniated his L4-5 disc.  He tried conservative therapy to alleviate the pain, however nothing worked and had to jump through eleven months of insurance hoops before they would approve surgery. 

By the time surgery came, he could barely walk and his nerves were severely damaged from being compressed for so long.  He had extreme pain running from his back down to his hip, buttocks, leg and ankle.  After the micro-discectomy surgery, he went through a very unproductive three months of physical therapy (due to inexperienced PT’s) and a few months later re-herniated the same disc, which required emergency surgery.  

During the dark days of recovery after these first two surgeries, Jay would constantly scour the web for answers to questions. He soon realized there were no comprehensive online resources that provided guidance, action plans and accessible human experts.  

This was the moment in time that BackerNation was born.  He dreamed up the platform with a vision to solve his own problems, as well as help his peers overcome their back pain and health care challenges.  

He is happy to report after three micro-discectomies and an artificial disc replacement, he is doing well and back to enjoying life.

If you are interested in contacting Jay with questions about his journey, artificial disc replacement, speaking engagements or something else back and spine related, click here to send him a message.

DyscoChief Disc Officer

Dysco, the Dynamic Disc, is BackerNation's Chief Disc Officer and Mascot. He can be found on our social media channels sharing health, nutrition, and wellness tips while providing guidance and humor so you can live your best and most productive life while managing back pain.  Dysco is no stranger to dressing up for holidays and special occasions.  Follow him on social media.