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Conditions / Lower Back Pain


  • According to a recent study, if you were diagnosed with chronic lower back pain, you may feel it worse if your spouse is judgmental and unsupportive of your condition. Specifically, women with back pain, as well as those with depression are the most susceptible —whether it's actual or perceived turbulent communication from your significant other.

  • The lumbar region of the spine, more commonly known as the lower back, consists of five vertebrae labeled L1 through L5. The lumbar region is situated between the thoracic, or chest, a region of the spine, and the sacrum, a bone in the lower back formed from fused vertebrae — situated between two hip bones. In this video, you will see Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Randale Sechrest discuss the anatomy of the lumbar spine.

  • A fellow Backer had breast implant surgery a few years ago and ever since she's had awful back pain. She wanted to find out if the two were connected and the suggested course of action...

  • Can children become lower back pain patients? The answer is yes. So if you're a parent or guardian and feel anxious about your child's back pain, here you can discover the knowledge about what causes his or her back pain, and when a closer look may be required, provided by Dr. Cluett.

  • Over time, walking incorrectly can lead to conditions like sciatica, bulging discs, disc pain and other degenerative spine disorders. You can tell whether or not you are an overpronator, a condition of walking where you shift your weight from heel to the forefoot when walking or running, by looking at your shoes from behind. You'll find excessive wear on the inner side of your shoes — notice the wear pattern on your heels —and they'll tilt inward when on a flat surface...