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 November 20, 2017

Living in a Modern World: Why We Develop Back Pain

More than 100 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic pain disorder but why are so many affected? Physical Therapist, Amy Selinger, describes how growing up in our modern society, sitting and cumulative trauma — may be a driving force of muscle imbalances that stimulates musculoskeletal pain —specifically chronic back pain.

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 November 15, 2017

Simple Check Swab Depicts What Prescription Drugs Will Work for You - The Future of Medicine?

What if there was a way to find out what medications work for your body and your specific back or spine condition. Well, Kinney Drugs is offering a new test. With a quick cheek swab, doctors can get a patient's DNA profile. This gives them that much more information when writing prescriptions, especially with opioids.

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