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  • Is CBD Oil really healthy

    healing420connection | October 15, 2017 - 3:38 AM General

    I have found that if you get an organically grown CBD Hemp Oil known for purity then you will be OK, theres lots online to choose from. I have personally used several I wont promote any in particular, however there is a wonderful graphic that describes what this type of CBD Oil does to the human body like pain relief (which I know about) anxiety, depression and more.  CBD Relaxation without Intoxication

    Any other good info sources?

  • Macey
    October 15, 2017 - 6:37 PM

    Thank you for your question. There really is so much info out there, it can be overwhelming. And what product do you pick when there are countless options? I've done some research and I'm pasting some links below. The reasons you described are the exact reasons I use it too.







    Also, if you live in the US, here are extra links on where to purchase with some coupon codes.

    Recommended for United States residents (all suppliers ship to all 50 states):

    7. Bluebird Botanicals offers a variety of CBD hemp extract drops, topicals and vape oils. They also offer free shipping on all U.S. orders over $50 and 20% off your first order with the promo code "firsttime" at checkout. Link to the Bluebird Botanicals website:

    8. Highland Pharms offers CBD hemp oil in a wide variety of forms including drops, vape oils, capsules, dabs and gummies. They offer free shipping on all U.S. orders. Link to the Highland Pharms website:

    9. NuLeaf Naturals offers CBD hemp extract drops derived from specially bred therapeutic hemp plants grown in Colorado.  Link to the NuLeaf Naturals website:

    I hope this helps. Keep in touch!

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