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  • Is Canada a Viable Cost-effective Option for Spine Surgery?

    InfoSeeker | July 27, 2018 - 5:17 PM Neck Surgery

    I’ve been doing research for a friend recently and found that Canada has some private surgical options available but it goes relatively untalked about.  The research that her and I have done have found that the surgery costs are usually 30-40% cheaper at minimum than any surgery centre in the US that we’ve reached out to and in some cases have been 70-80% cheaper but I don’t see many people discuss Canada as an option for surgery, is there a reason for this?  I see many people traveling to Europe etc, but Vancouver in some cases is max 4-5 hours of flight time direct from most US and Canadian cities and that’s it. Plus the US strong dollar, it’s almost like getting a 25% discount on top of the already cheaper surgical costs, what am I missing here?