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  • Food Inflammation Blood Test

    ChiefBacker | November 12, 2017 - 3:41 PM Tests

    So I was at my massage therapist appointment the other day and saw a sign for a Food Inflammation test. BTW, she destroyed me.. HA! Felt like a train hit me next day. My muscles were so tight she got deep.  Any whooo.. so I asked her about it.  It's an easy blood test.  Provide four drops from prick of finger and they run it agains like 150 foods, etc. to see which ones have the highest inflammation ratings for your body.  Thought it was very interesting.  She did it about 6 months ago.  Adjusted her diet based upon it and has seen very good results.  Anyone have anything like this done?

    How about you?

  • Macey
    November 12, 2017 - 6:10 PM

    Those deep tissue massages are no joke. I suppose it's a good type of hurt though. I personally love massages. Curious if you feel less pain today.. 

    About the food inflammation blood test, I honestly had no idea that even existed but after hearing what it does, I want one. - I know you've overcome your arthritis pain and inflammation sticking with whole food nutrition, have you heard of this test on your wellness journey?

    • ChiefBacker

      Yes better today. Thanks. My muscles just need to keep fighting through the tightness and relearn what it's like to move lift and bend more frequently. Getting there. 

    • wellnessmama

      I'm not sure if I've heard this or not. I know generally speaking some foods are more inflammatory than others but I've also heard depending on your blood type there are different foods you should avoid. I wonder if this is a marriage of those two things because absolutely each person is unique and how they respond to things vary. I mean, there's definitely a wide variety of food tastes. I've never had the test though. Could be interesting!

    • Macey

      You so got this. It’s progress not perfection and you’re definitely moving onward and on up! 

    • Macey

      that’s a great hypothesis. Definitely something to  consider. Hope all is well today and erryyyyyday.