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BackerNation Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff


The BackerNation Editorial Staff is comprised of writers proficient in various areas of journalism. Their sole responsibility is to write content consistent with the mission of BackerNation.

Our Writers

Chris Jones, Web Content Editor

Chris Jones is the web content editor at BackerNation. He writes, edits, and develop stories for the website and for BackerNation's outreach campaigns. He collaborates with writers, contributors, and the editorial board to ensure that readers receive the best information on the web pertaining to back and spine health.

Chris is also a magazine journalist. He writes health, business profiles, and feature stories for several publications. Chris has been in the media industry for 19 years where he’s served as a sports editor for a daily newspaper and editor and editor-in-chief for two magazines. He's a 3-time Virginia Press Association award-winning journalist and member of the Association of Health Care Journalists.

Diana Caruso, Content Creator and Marketing Assistant

Diana is a social media coordinator and writer at BackerNation. She creates content and visuals for BackerNation’s social media accounts and connects users to the back pain and spine condition answers they are searching for.