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  • Having spinal stenosis tightens your spine, places pressure on the cord and nerves causing you intense amounts of back pain. If you received this particular diagnosis, you may be interested in how a clinical trial works for this spine disorder.

  • Perry Hunt is a 53-year-old construction consultant, who needed a hip replacement. Hunt had health insurance but his insurance refused to pay for the surgery, and the out-of-pocket cost was going to be over $100,000. "I went on the MediBid website. I ended up finding a fantastic doctor in San Antonio, and I paid just $21,000."

  • Across the state of Florida, operating owners of multiple rehabs are being investigated for possible fraudulent allegations. It's not just a headline though — this is real life for some — for most, these days. "It looked fine. They were saying all the right things to me. I could not help my child so I trusted them to help," Holley recalled...

  • Newly released FDA-approved activeL, an artificial back disc that replaces the unhealthy disc in your spine while preserving all motion, may provide back patients a more favorable outcome in spinal surgery. It's seen as an option to replace spinal fusion surgery.

  • Clinical trials develop necessary information and feedback about new medical products to help the general population find new methods to treat various health conditions.

  • A new surgical guidance platform is now offering unprecedented precision to surgeons performing spine surgery. The technology features a suite of software-based tools to pre-operatively assess spinal alignment and implement full surgical planning — creating a total patient treatment strategy. Combined the surgeon's expert skill and real-time feedback from multiple data sources in the operating room, Mazor X is set to benefit patients and surgeons.