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  • With invasive back or spinal surgery, there's always the potential of the operation not working paired with the inherent risks that any operation posses. There's got to be a better way to regain mobility, reduce pain while improving your quality of life, and now there just might be.

  • Simple things are taken for granted every day —walking, sitting, standing, sleeping — the list goes on. These once everyday activities take a turn for the worse upon a back pain diagnosis. You can no longer walk, sit, stand or sleep with ease. Learn how the DDS Back Brace can help change your life and pain.

  • Do you hate going through the hassles of making and attending a doctor appointment? In a recent study, 75 percent of pain patients prefer tele-medicine. So what exactly is this innovative approach to patient care and how can it help your back pain diagnosis? Let's find out eight benefits of tele-medicine.

  • If you or somehow you know is living with scoliosis, you may know a thing or two about wearable braces that allow the spine to remain in alignment. You may not be aware of a new project underway that involves a more comfortable corset created from a 3D printer.

  • Good posture means your bones are properly aligned and your muscles, joints, and ligaments can work as nature intended — it also means your vital organs are in the correct position and are able to function at peak efficiency. Sometimes it’s easier said than done – sometimes, we need a little help, which is where The UPRIGHT PRO comes into play.

  • Newly released FDA-approved activeL, an artificial back disc that replaces the unhealthy disc in your spine while preserving all motion, may provide back patients a more favorable outcome in spinal surgery. It's seen as an option to replace spinal fusion surgery.

  • A new surgical guidance platform is now offering unprecedented precision to surgeons performing spine surgery. The technology features a suite of software-based tools to pre-operatively assess spinal alignment and implement full surgical planning — creating a total patient treatment strategy. Combined the surgeon's expert skill and real-time feedback from multiple data sources in the operating room, Mazor X is set to benefit patients and surgeons.