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Innovative Device Corrects Poor Posture —Maybe Even Your Back Pain

Published November 10, 2017
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“I recently had back surgery and my recovery has been pretty slow,” Leo Ashner, a fellow back pain patient with bulging discs from Ann Harbor, Michigan writes in an online degenerative disc disease forum.

“I had gotten used to slouching for so long and if I want to recover, I need something to help keep me in check,” Ashner adds referring to an innovative tool that can correct bad posture —and maybe (hopefully) even your back pain symptoms.

He read the reviews for two posture tools, the Upright and the Lumo lift (we'll get to them shortly). Currently, this back pain patient uses both of these devices together. “I think they are both wonderful in their own ways,” he shares.

Whether you are sitting, standing or in the same position for hours on end like chronic back pain patient, Ashner, you may not realize that bad posture may actually impact the levels of your chronic back pain.

Sit up Straight

Good posture — seen in the way you hold your body while standing, sitting, or performing tasks like lifting, bending, or pulling — is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity. Prolonged standing, sitting or driving can cause back pain and make doing any of those activities uncomfortable. Poor posture can even lead to misalignment and injure your spine and cause other back-related health problems.

For example, sitting hunched over at a computer screen may cause radiating pain in the neck, shoulder, and back. Your sitting posture may cause your chest muscles to tighten leading to an excessively curved back in the upper or thoracic region of your spine.

Because good posture means your bones are properly aligned and your muscles, joints, and ligaments can work as nature intended, it also means your vital organs are in the correct position and are able to function at peak efficiency. Good posture helps contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done and sometimes we need a little help, which is where the two posture devices come into play.

Here's to Helping

The UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer is said to improve posture in two weeks because it utilizes habit changing wearable technology. Truth be told, a majority of us unconsciously sit slouched in front of our screen of choice for numerous hours a day.

New device aimed at correcting poor posture being worn.Caption: Taken from the company's website, here you will see what the device looks like in real-time.

If you practice bad habits for years and years, your muscles begin to weaken. Maybe you return home from work after a long day of screen slouching with an aching back and other painful symptoms. All you want to do is relax or sleep, but sometimes you can’t even do that without feeling shooting pains in your lower back.

“From the moment we wake up, our posture affects our quality of life. Poor posture is now [an] epidemic, with pervasive slouching and back pain caused by sedentary lifestyle,” CEO of Upright Technologies, the company who produces the UPRIGHT PRO, Oded Cohen shares.

“Our next generation UPRIGHT PRO is an elegant, comfortable, easy to use training solution that lets anyone achieve and maintain perfect posture,” Cohen adds. “Simply click UPRIGHT PRO twice and put it on the upper back.”

Developed in clinical partnership with Newcastle University, Ohio State University, Stanford University, San Francisco University, and Tel Aviv University, Upright’s posture-training technology received the 2016 Convergence MEDy award for excellence in medical entrepreneurship, and second place honors in the Calcalist Mobile Conference Competition open to Israeli start-ups, investors, and major mobile phone companies.

Picture of the device itself.

“Upright Technologies has invented the UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer to fix today's severe posture problem,” the device's manufacturer, Ori Fruhauf explains —without any hassle or wires.

“It won't get in your way. UPRIGHT will improve your posture while you are handling your daily life. Just attach UPRIGHT to your back with one of the 60 adhesives that come in the box and start your training while continuing with your daily routine,” Fruhauf offers.

The UPRIGHT Posture Trainer attaches to your back with a small adhesive and vibrates, immediately, every time you slouch, reminding you to correct your posture. Unlike other posture devices UPRIGHT is meant to be worn for short posture training sessions of only 15-60 minutes per day.

After a short time of using this discreet posture trainer, your body quickly learns to maintain good posture even when you are not wearing the device.

“We have successfully tested an improved algorithm that enables the device to remember your first calibration, so you only need to calibrate once,” Fruhauf answers.

About the Product

  • A smart wearable posture trainer recommended by physicians and chiropractors with proven success to decrease chronic back pain and increase productivity.
  • Short-term training, with long-term results; by training with this posture device only 15-60 minutes a day, you will have improved core strength and muscle memory to maintain a lifelong habit of good posture.
  • Personal training program and 24/7 in-app customer care team helps to keep you motivated to train consistently, meet your goals and decrease your chronic back pain with good posture.
  • Upright attaches to your upper or lower back, accurately detects when you are slouching with unique technology and vibrates to train you to sit in a comfortable Upright position.

What's in the Box?

  • USB charging docking station
  • 60 hypoallergenic adhesives
  • Free IOS/ Android app
  • The UPRIGHT smart posture trainer, which is made of medical grade silicone

This kit effectively corrects poor posture.Caption: As seen on Amazon, this is what you can expect to receive. 

Ashner originally advised us that he used both the UPRIGHT and a Lumo Lift. The Lumo Lift is a small, lightweight wearable solution to posture —similar to the UPRIGHT. The Lumo Lift is worn near your collarbone. It gently vibrates every time you slouch to remind you to sit tall and stand straight. If you find yourself slouching, you will be alerted via Bluetooth technology that pairs the device with an app on your smart phone. Ashner agrees that both products can help to maintain proper posture.

Final Consensus 

Ashner further details what he enjoys about his UPRIGHT and Lumo Lift device.

“I like how accurate and responsive the UPRIGHT sensor is. The app is great and you can adjust the sensors sensitivity levels. I have found it incredibly helpful. It's really great for sitting but not as useful for standing,” Ashner writes. “Also, it's a really nice looking device.”

This device also includes an easy to use app.
He continues explaining that the Lumo Lift sensor is small and straightforward. “Unlike the UPRIGHT, you don't need to interact with the app to use it.”

Ashner reveals that you simply place the Lumo Lift underneath your collarbone and shirt. He suggests getting into a good posture position, then press the button to calibrate.

“Once you've done that, you're great. Any slouching makes it buzz. It's great for walking and for sitting. Both sensors are very useful and my physical therapist is very interested in them for future patients. The UPRIGHT helps my lower back slouch while the Lumo Lift takes care of my upper back slouch,” he concludes.

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