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  • Can you sue your health insurance company if they refuse to cover lumbar total disc replacement despite your doctor's recommendation?

  • Your health insurance policy covers treatment of illnesses, injuries and health conditions. When it comes to surgery, your health insurance provider may or may not cover artificial disc replacement surgery or may place certain restrictions and requirements on the procedure that need to be met before they approve.

  • When your doctor determines that artificial disc replacement surgery is the next course of action in your treatment plan, the next hurdle is your insurance. What happens when your health insurance carrier won't pay for your artificial disc replacement surgery? You and your doctor may have to file an appeal.

  • While many health insurance carriers still deny coverage for artificial disc replacement surgery, the inclusion list is growing, which is encouraging and is tipping in favor of more carriers covering than not.

  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is one of the most common impairments for people applying for disability benefits. Despite the numerous claims for this disorder, it is not an easy case to win, especially for people younger than 50 (and particular patients under the age of 40). So, here are four tips to obtain the most out of your disability claim.

  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) receives more disability applications for back problems than any other physical illness or injury. However, Disability offices do not hand out these allowances eagerly for such back pain conditions and the process can also be long, extremely discouraging and sometimes crippling. Here's what you need to know.

  • Perry Hunt is a 53-year-old construction consultant, who needed a hip replacement. Hunt had health insurance but his insurance refused to pay for the surgery, and the out-of-pocket cost was going to be over $100,000. "I went on the MediBid website. I ended up finding a fantastic doctor in San Antonio, and I paid just $21,000."

  • Across the state of Florida, operating owners of multiple rehabs are being investigated for possible fraudulent allegations. It's not just a headline though — this is real life for some — for most, these days. "It looked fine. They were saying all the right things to me. I could not help my child so I trusted them to help," Holley recalled...