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About Us - BackerNation

We hate back pain. Can't say it enough. Let's say it again. WE HATE BACK PAIN. Our mission is to destroy back pain.

BackerNation is a digital company developing innovative products and services to empower people with information, tools, and resources to overcome their back pain and spine conditions.

We were founded by a guy who's chronic back pain journey was the inspiration for BackerNation. Jay Resio is an entrepreneur with degenerative disc disease, which lead to 4 herniations in L4-L5 over 4 years... and 4 surgeries with the most recent being an artificial disc replacement.

The vision for BackerNation occurred during a rough recovery period after Jay's first surgery (which ultimately led to his second surgery). Angry, in constant pain, and not knowing if he would ever get back to a normal life, Jay would try to seek answers.

He soon realized three things.

  • Online support for people with back pain is severely lacking and underwhelming.
  • As smart as he thought he was, he did not have all the info and resources he needed to beat his back issues before surgery, after surgery, or for the rest of his life.
  • The entire spectrum of service providers need better tools to communicate and collaborate with their patients.

And if this was a problem for him, it was a problem for a huge portion of the population that suffers from back issues each and every year.

The back is a highly complex network of muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, cartilage and nerves that work together to provide support and mobility to the body. This is why the general concept of “back pain” is so complicated. And different for everyone.