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Case Studies

We realize everyone's situation is different.  Our goal is to provide you a team that can help you regardless of where you are at in your journey. Maybe you might be able to relate to some of these mini case studies.

Radiology Report Translations
Jane received a copy of her MRI report (the text report from a radiologist) but didn't have her follow up appointment with her doctor for another two weeks. She wanted to get a better understanding of what the report meant so her back pain assistant translated and gave it to her in simple language. She felt better knowing and it allowed her enough time to prepare questions for her follow up visit.

Explanation of Condition
Joe has been having back pain for the past several years. He finally was able to get an MRI and found out he had Degenerative Disc Disease. He didn't get much face time with the doctor and feel underwhelmed with the explanation and what it truly means to his present and future self. BackerNation provided concrete explanations and advice in a clear cut manner. Anytime Joe has a question, he can sign on and receive immediate resolutions. Since finding his back assistant, he's able to relieve his pain that much better because he understands what's wrong.

Surgery Expectations
Marcy had been dealing with spinal stenosis for over five years. Her doctor recommended a laminectomy because more conservative treatment methods, including medication and physical therapy, missed the mark on improving her symptoms. She had inquiries about what to expect before, during, and after yet her surgeon missed the mark on providing these expectations. Marcy found BackerNation and then the back pain assistant. Ever since, she's more than ready for her surgery, which is scheduled for next month.

Service Provider Recommendations
How do you choose the best specialist for your back pain needs? Brittany had no idea. She needed spinal adjustments from a local chiropractor as well as a certified physical therapist to help her SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction, which causes her low back and leg pain. On top of it all, her upper back hurts too. When she went online to find a chiro and physical therapist, she really didn't know where to start. Her back pain assistant was able to present reliable service provider recommendations —making her search quick and easy because her assistant did the work for her. Brittany is now five weeks into her new pain management program with reduced pain all over. She's a happy camper.

Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises
Debbie suffered from sciatica with pain in her butt and running down her left leg. Her MRI came back negative for any disc herniations, but that didn't change the fact that she was still in pain. BackerNation helped Debbie with a series of stretches that worked for other Backers. 4 weeks later her pain subsided. Debbie now makes these stretches and exercises part of her daily routine.

Venting. Feeling Alone
Michelle had a bad day. Actually, she had several bad days. Physically, she's exhausted. Mentally, she's drained. Her L4 and L5 vertebrae are so damaged, it's one thing on top of another. Besides drop foot and other disc issues, she does find time to get on Instagram where she found BackerNation. Since then, she’s been actively engaging with the community and other members. Then she found the back pain assistant, which changed the game. Being able to speak with a licensed therapist about the mental challenges without leaving her home has made dealing with the physical ones notably easier. When she's feeling alone, she signs online and someone's always there.

Motivational Cheerleader
Derek is alone a lot. His friends and family still live up North even though he had to move down south for work. His spinal stenosis and low back pain have been getting him down, however, he's so busy he doesn't have a chance to think. Idle time is his downfall because that's when he gets sad. Thankfully, he found BackerNation's back assistant and those times he's alone, he signs online to find a motivational cheerleader who brings him back to life.

Explanation of Procedures
The medical community is ever-changing even though Jared's pain is always there. From bulging discs to upper back pain, Jared can never keep up with procedures from his medical team. He needed one-on-one attention, which, unfortunately, he didn't receive in a doctor's office. Instead, he signed online in search for answers when he came across BackerNation's new feature called the back pain assistant. He was literally blown away by the personal care and thorough explanations of what he needs to do to live as pain-free as possible. After two weeks of following his assistant's instructions, his pain was intensely reduced.

Symptom Summary
Ever since Google was created, it's easier than ever to type your symptoms into a search engine and possible explanations appear almost immediately (depending on your internet connection). More times than not, this leaves you feeling more confused than ever and perhaps, you have two days to live? When Geri found her back pain assistant, she no longer needed to sift through search results. Her assistant clearly summarized her symptoms and laid out a clear plan on her possible options as well as possible conditions. Her back assistant even went as far as finding a local doctor to help relieve her daily pain.

Most people these days know to eat healthily, however, more times than not it's easier said than done. Brad is no different. When he was diagnosed with arthritis and sciatica, he knew he'd have to make some lifestyle changes. It wasn't until he was introduced to the back pain assistant that he was finally able to bring this concept to fruition. His back pain assistant put things into perspective with a tangible plan on what he should eat to reduce inflammation that would then reduce his chronic pain. After making those changes, his constant pain went from a 9 to a 5 (on a scale of 1-10).

Mental Wellness
Fibro (fibromyalgia) fog is real. It can be mild to severe and can strike without warning. For Steve, he couldn't focus, had poor memory recall and diminished mental acuity. Sleep and brain dysfunction are common symptoms for cognitive difficulties associated with fibromyalgia, which is why he had been so depressed lately. It wasn't until Steve found Backernation's back assistant that he finally experienced a positive mental well-being. With the help of his assistant, he changed his daily routine and practices strategies provided on a regular basis that has resulted in Steve's positive mental wellness.

Insurance Coverage
With all of the insurance headlines in the news and it's ever changing rules and regulations, it can be confusing, to say the least. Jeff is no different. Upon a herniated disc diagnosis, in his back and neck, he needs his coverage company to approve treatments and medications for pain management. When he calls his insurer, he's left with even more questions —until BackerNation's Back Wellness Assistant. His questions are finally answered. He's feeling even more confident in his recovery. And anytime something new pops up, instead of screaming at the phone for an operator, he always gets a real person “on the line” at BackerNation.

Sorting Thru the Chaos
Joe has been very overwhelmed with life. Upon a degenerative disc disease and herniated disc diagnosis, it seems like his pain keeps getting worse. On top of it all, he can't seem to make it in on time for work and fears he may be laid off. He's flooded with anxiety and this feeling of overwhelming doom. He needed help and when he discovered the back assistant, he finally was able to relax. Having someone sort through the chaos together has put things into perspective. He's confident that with his new pain management program and continued support from his back assistant, he's already gone from hopeless to hopeful.