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Ways to Participate in Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month in the United States. Join BackerNation in raising public awareness for issues related to pain and pain management. Read the press release about BackerNation's EffBackPain Campaign here.

Participating is easy, fun and rewarding.  Here are all the ways that you can do your part:

1.  Sign up for a FREE account at BackerNation where you can read insightful articles, participate in discussions, and connect with fellow back pain warriors. Individuals who sign up prior to September 30, 2017 will automatically be entered for a chance to win a basket of back pain and wellness products valued at over $1,000. 

2.  Follow BackerNation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can stay in tune with all the announcements and giveaways for the month of September.  We will select winners from our followers and participants.

3.  Take pictures and videos doing your favorite activities and accomplishments while overcoming back pain.  Share them on all your social media accounts and provide a description.  Mention BackerNation and use all of the following hashtags - #effbackpain, #painawarenessmonth #backernation.

4.  Change your Facebook profile picture using BackerNation's "Back Pain Won't Beat Me" frame. Go here ( and search for BackerNation.

5.  Share, Share, Share!  Get your friends, family and colleagues involved and engaged.