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Pain / Neck


  • Whiplash is the most frequently reported car insurance claims injury with payouts of $8.8 billion. Here's how to recover from this painful condition.

  • 7 Common Causes of Neck Injury
    May 16, 2018 | Articles

    The cervical spine consists of seven vertebrae with discs designed for cushion and support. If you’re feeling a pain in your neck, here are some of the common causes.

  • The Detroit Red Wings' Mike Green will undergo cervical spine surgery. Let's look at the cervical spine, its function, and why it should be handled with care.

  • 5 Stretches to Soothe Your Stiff Neck
    April 15, 2017 | Articles

    Poor posture could mean not sitting at your desk correctly, not sitting properly when watching television or extended periods of time glancing down at your smart devices. If this is you (maybe you don't realize it yet), it can add up and can displace your neck joints.