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  • Who wants to eat healthily? Who wants to make healthy food decisions? Sometimes, we need a little help. And you know what, that's okay. Here, we will be discussing a 10-day nutritional program, with the help of Tracey Chapman. Let's find out how it may be able to benefit someone with chronic back pain. Are you ready?

  • Nigel Lloyd combines fitness training with cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy to help both the body and the mind. Less-Stress London recently spoke with Nigel in search of uncovering how his teachings can benefit someone with a chronic pain condition. Here's what happened.

  • Lifestyle Coach, Simone Krame is a few credits shy of receiving her Masters in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in spirituality and mind-body medicine from Columbia University. Using conscious living she was able to find a meaningful connection to her authentic self that changed the trajectory of her life. In this expert q&a, you will gain insight on how proper nutrition, true fitness, and inner spirituality can not only help your physical back pain symptoms but the mental ones too.

  • We are excited to introduce, Ivy Cirillo, the inspiring creative genius a.k.a. the young lady behind Perfectly Ambitious — a lifestyle and healthcare blog dedicated to all things spoonie — a term that refers to any individual who lives with a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia. Let's see what this chronic pain warrior has to say.

  • Whether it's physical therapy, holistic treatments or rest and relaxation, there isn't anything Nika Robinson won't try to find back pain relief. She's pregnant with baby number two and was recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and sciatica. How does she overcome pregnancy pains on top of everything else? Let's find out.

  • Raise your hand if you have ignored a phone call even though you were technically able to pick up? Was it in any way because of your chronic back pain symptoms or condition as a whole? Well, if you've somehow changed because of your pain, here are 8 things you need to know about isolation mode, chronic pain & how to break the cycle —as told by the Perfectly Ambitious Blogger, Ivy Cirillo.

  • Justin Bossert, deadlift champion, found himself experiencing chronic back pain that didn't seem to go away. Regardless, he stays motivated and active as an exercise junkie. He spends his days in the gym blasting techno music while trying to remain as pain-free as possible from a chronic back pain diagnosis. This is his story.

  • When Joni was little, a traumatic accident paired with bad genes (her words not ours), caused her to receive chronic back and spine pain. The curvature of her spine and lower back never fully recovered. Luckily for her, clean eating was just around the corner as she calls Lone Oak Farms home. This is her story.

  • Jeffrey Bernstein spends his days fighting for his clients in and out of court as a health care attorney for over four decades. While battling the judges and other lawyers, he also defends himself. Due to a football accident, Bernstein injured his spine resulting in two herniated discs eventually leading to multiple severe spinal surgeries. This is his story.

  • If you have back pain, sitting for extended periods of time or even standing can be draining. Do you notice if you sit at your desk all day, your back pain gets worse? BackerNation spoke with attorney and 'Wear, Tear, & Care' Blogger, Jennifer Kain Kilgore to get her 411 on how she transitioned from the corporate world into her home office.