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  • A whole host of treatments are available for anxiety — from cognitive behavioral therapy to mindfulness. But when it comes to panic attacks, the makers of the bcalm inhaler say that many episodes are triggered not by psychological issues but rather a physiological one: sensitivity to high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2).

  • Just how the earth has music for those who listen — the plants can heal, if we let them. And, there's one plant that comes to mind — hemp. Unlike medical marijuana products, which are made from plants with high concentrations of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, CBD has all of the positive effects of THC, minus the high. Here are eight conditions CBD can help.

  • The chronic pain patient is often labeled as “lazy” while the disease wreaks havoc inside your body as your bulging or herniated disc tug internally. And when trying to explain your disability, individuals are frequently met with the response, “But you look so good?” Discover what you can do to end the negative stigma of chronic pain & judgment.

  • When someone breaks a bone, you wear a cast. People see the cast and know you are injured. Back pain is not always seen, but it's always felt. Onlookers only see your limitations and may assume you are lazy. You know you are not. Find out how to make others understand your illness.

  • Inspirational words delicately lay emotional pulse points in the hearts and minds of anyone in need of positivity when, sometimes, you just don't have the words. The perfect phase somehow allows you to know that you are not alone and never were. Read on for inspirational quotes.

  • Experts recommend pre-surgical mental health screenings for back surgery patients. Find out which mental health condition would disqualify you from back surgery and what is the determining factor is in who gets back surgery and who doesn't?