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  • Psychological evaluations before spine surgery are becoming more common. Dr. Andrew Block, clinical health psychologist at Texas Back Institute, discusses why they are important for patients and surgeons.

  • If your back surgeon recommends surgery as your best treatment option, here are five questions you can ask to make sure you can make a clear decision.

  • Falling asleep or staying asleep after back surgery could mean insomnia. Learn the causes of insomnia and how to get better sleep after back surgery.

  • If you have had spinal fusion surgery, you may need more surgery within 15 years due to adjacent disc disease. Artificial disc replacement has proven effective in delaying or preventing ASD.

  • Treating Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
    May 8, 2018 | Articles

    Despite the name, failed back surgery syndrome is not so much a syndrome but is a general term that refers to an unsuccessful back surgery that brings along chronic back pain instead of relief.

  • Each year, approximately 34,000 patients suffering from chronic back pain receive spinal stimulator implants. Now, new technology makes it possible for those suffering from back and spine problems to use an implanted stimulation device to manage their pain.

  • If something is broken, you fix it. Sounds simple. But what happens when that isn't enough? What happens when your disc degenerate so much that they need to be replaced? Luckily for today's technology, this approach is possible because of something called, Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) surgery...

  • Surgery is scary no matter how large or small. Operations always involve risk. So, you prepare for your back or spine procedure. You follow your doctor and surgeon's guidelines with the help of your support system. Your back or spine surgery concludes and hopefully, it was a success. Now what?

  • Jeffrey Bernstein spends his days fighting for his clients in and out of court as a health care attorney for over four decades. While battling the judges and other lawyers, he also defends himself. Due to a football accident, Bernstein injured his spine resulting in two herniated discs eventually leading to multiple severe spinal surgeries. This is his story.

  • Which Back Surgery Option is Right for You?
    October 2, 2017 | Articles

    Are you wondering which surgery is right for you? Backers, look no further. We accumulated a comprehensive list of the six most utilized surgeries for your back or spine condition.