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Tag / Invisible Illness


  • We are excited to introduce, Ivy Cirillo, the inspiring creative genius a.k.a. the young lady behind Perfectly Ambitious — a lifestyle and healthcare blog dedicated to all things spoonie — a term that refers to any individual who lives with a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia. Let's see what this chronic pain warrior has to say.

  • This young lady always has her hair and makeup on point. Even if she isn't feeling her best, she still gives it her all. If being sick taught her one thing, it's that you have to focus on the things you enjoy. Jessica Zapadka gets real about what it's like living with multiple invisible diseases including fibromyalgia.

  • Jessica Zapadka is a Fibromyalgia warrior through and through. So grab a tissue (just in case) and get comfortable while we unfold the untold words of inspiration through the words of a girl with invisible diseases.

  • The chronic pain patient is often labeled as “lazy” while the disease wreaks havoc inside your body as your bulging or herniated disc tug internally. And when trying to explain your disability, individuals are frequently met with the response, “But you look so good?” Discover what you can do to end the negative stigma of chronic pain & judgment.

  • When someone breaks a bone, you wear a cast. People see the cast and know you are injured. Back pain is not always seen, but it's always felt. Onlookers only see your limitations and may assume you are lazy. You know you are not. Find out how to make others understand your illness.