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  • What is Piriformis Syndrome?
    September 26, 2018 | Articles

    Piriformis syndrome, sometimes mistaken for sciatica, affects 6 to 36 percent of low back pain patients. Learn more about this condition.

  • Can Herniated Discs Heal Naturally?
    April 18, 2018 | Articles

    Herniated disc is one of the leading causes of back pain and one you may be curious to know if you can heal naturally at home. Learn how you can apply nutrition and therapy to treat slipped disc pain from home.

  • Back in the day, were you an all-star football player? Maybe lead cheerleader or you just love adventure? Years later and your fun times are catching up with you. Did you know that most low back pain is the result of an injury or trauma? Regardless of the cause, your muscle sprains or strains due to that trauma paired with sudden movements or poor body mechanics while lifting heavy objects and BAM — you are in chronic lower back pain. This is why strengthening your back muscles and using good body mechanics are helpful in preventing low back pain.

  • Over time, walking incorrectly can lead to conditions like sciatica, bulging discs, disc pain and other degenerative spine disorders. You can tell whether or not you are an overpronator, a condition of walking where you shift your weight from heel to the forefoot when walking or running, by looking at your shoes from behind. You'll find excessive wear on the inner side of your shoes — notice the wear pattern on your heels —and they'll tilt inward when on a flat surface...