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  • Less-Stress London talked with Heather Mason, founder of the Minded Institute, to learn more about the real meaning of yoga therapy for chronic physical and mental pain as well as how their research and teaching methods hope to one day change the politics of healthcare.

  • Whether you’re looking to boost your mood, increase your energy or regulate your sleep patterns, light therapy can literally brighten up your day. The HumanCharger, uses a new technology, which directs light to your brain via your ear canals rather than your eyes. Can it improve your mood even with chronic back pain? Let's find out.

  • Being outside in nature makes us feel good for all sorts of reasons. The color green is soothing, fresh air is energizing and uplifting, blowing away the cobwebs of daily life. And in London (the U.S. too), we are lucky enough to have plenty of beautiful parks all around the city. According to nature-based psychotherapist, Beth Collier, nature can play an active role in counseling, too.

  • Most everyone has done it: when you feel some tightness in your back, you grab a friend, coworker, or significant other to a patch of carpet, position yourself face down and ask them to crack your back. But is that good for your back?