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Shaking Up Your Breakfast Routine

Published October 27, 2017    
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Mobius Nutrition meal replacement shakes provide key nutrients, focus enhancements necessary for better mornings

When you have chronic back pain, even a small change in your diet can help. One place to begin is with breakfast, a meal many people tend to skip.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a practitioner, and teacher of integrative medicine, proposes an interesting question taken from one of his patients, “If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why do I feel foggy afterward? If I skip breakfast and just have some coffee, I feel fine.”

Most people skip breakfast because they either aren't hungry, don't have time, or don't have the energy to prepare it. That's why meal replacement shakes, such as Mobius Nutrition, plays a pivotal role in obtaining essential nutrients to give your body a morning boost.

So, here are four reasons why Mobius Nutrition may be the answer you didn't know you were looking for.

Morning metabolism. Harvard Health says learning the patterns that once served our hunter-gatherer ancestors so well in the Stone Age is crucial in understanding how your metabolism maintains a steady supply of energy whether food is on board or not. "It's a good thing since your brain can't store any energy on its own, depending instead on a constant infusion of glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream," Harvard Health adds.

In order to create energy, we need food. Mobius Nutrition encompasses everything you need to start your morning that much fresher. It's micronutrient dense with natural caffeine, electrolytes, 20 grams of protein, nootropics (cognitive enhancer), and even coconut milk for strong bones.

This breakfast shake has all of the right ingredients while leaving out the stuff you don't want.

The convenience factor. Like we already discovered, a prime reason people skip breakfast is time. Mobius makes it easy to consume your breakfast, multivitamin, and coffee at the same time without sacrificing your taste buds or busy mornings. Their delicious, dark chocolate breakfast shake takes just 30 seconds to mix and will keep you full and energized well into the afternoon.

“I am not a breakfast person so I have tried many shakes and supplements,” Amy E. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shares, “This is the first one that tastes like real food! and it isn’t too sweet!”

Clears mental fog. If you're unfamiliar with what nootropics actually are, you'll be surprised that you didn't know about them sooner. Nootropics provide you mental energy, increased focus, and decreased stress because they are natural brain boosters. Many call them smart drugs. Mobius's nootropics are made up of herbs and amino acids necessary to defog your mind. And unfortunately, for those with fibromyalgia, may know a thing or two about Fibro fog.

“Mornings are my worst time,” recalls a herniated disc and fibromyalgia patient, Brittany S. from Nashville, Tennessee. “I tried Mobius Nutrition and now, I actually look forward to waking up and starting my day.”

As this picture shows, starting your day with a breakfast shake can improve your mood.Caption: A happy Bradford shares a snapshot from a recent work meeting where he's on top of his game because of Mobius Nutrition. He says, “Mental fog who?” We say, “That's right.”

Fibromyalgia is referred to as widespread chronic pain, yet, this condition goes beyond pain because it can affect your thinking ability, which is a symptom called fibro fog. In addition, it can drain your energy levels that can leave you with extreme fatigue. You don't have to have fibromyalgia to sip a Mobius meal replacement shake. Mental fog can affect anyone.

It's all about nature. If you think back to those Stone Age ancestors and asked them what foods they ate, chances are they'd be whole foods. Today, following a whole food diet involves maximizing your nutrient intake from natural origins while dodging processed foods. Whole foods largely include plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and animal foods such as eggs, meat, fish, and poultry.

Mobius combines all-natural handpicked ingredients —meaning foods that have always been foods. Even their delicious dark-chocolate flavor is made with real cocoa. Take a look at their label below. 

Complete nutritional information on our favorite meal replacement breakfast shake.

The simple fact remains that it's all about patterns, not perfection. Your back pain may prohibit you from a lot but you'll always have your mornings. With Mobius Nutrition, you're getting your mind and body right without the hassle.

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