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  • We’re all familiar with the drill — life is okay until that ‘something’ happens. Life can be overwhelming managing our chronic back pain symptoms. Ironically, self-care is vital for our back or spine conditions and general mental wellbeing. Life Coach, Karen Liebenguth shares everything we need to know.

  • More and more of us are feeling overburdened at work, especially in these uncertain times. But there are practical steps you can take to improve your stress in the workplace when dealing with a chronic back pain diagnosis.

  • If anyone tells you because of your back pain, you won't be able to do anything you used to — you have our permission to ghost them. In an effort to keep you motivated, BackerNation took it to the virtual experts to find out eight secrets on how to actually keep your resolution. Let's uncork the champagne, throw some confetti and get to it.

  • It's Friday. You're feeling some pain because of your back or spine condition but you still want to go out. You found the perfect little black dress to wear this evening. As you walk into your closet to put the finishing touches on your attire, you ask yourself, "What shoes should I wear?" as you stare back at your options.

  • It's holiday season. You know what that means — holiday vacation. How can you schedule your itinerary around back pain symptoms and flare-ups you won't know will happen until they do? How do you travel five hours via plane or train without dying of pain? Learn 10 tips on how to make traveling with a bad back, not so bad.

  • How can we get through the holidays without breaking our pockets or losing our minds while our degenerative disc creeps up all day every day? There is a method to the madness and we're about to figure it out. Learn how to deal with financial stress while living with a chronic back pain diagnosis.

  • Being outside in nature makes us feel good for all sorts of reasons. The color green is soothing, fresh air is energizing and uplifting, blowing away the cobwebs of daily life. And in London (the U.S. too), we are lucky enough to have plenty of beautiful parks all around the city. According to nature-based psychotherapist, Beth Collier, nature can play an active role in counseling, too.

  • Regardless of who you are and the depth of your chronic back pain, there are tools you can use daily to re-train your brain. Lifestyle Coach, Simone Krame says it all begins in the mind. If you can learn to shift your negative thoughts to more positive or even realistic ones, you can actively work to discard anxiety that may stem from your painful symptoms.

  • When Less-Stress London asked back specialist, David Newbound about the changes in back pain prevention throughout the younger generation, they were only slightly surprised that there's greater physical awareness today than before. Let's learn 9 rules to reinforce a healthy foundation for a healthier spine concerning today's kids.

  • Anyone who has suffered from back pain knows how bad it can make you feel. Many of us rely on painkillers just to lead a normal life. The good news is —there's a new way to deal with chronic back pain. Physiotherapist, David Rogers, shares ten tips for a healthy spine.