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BackerNation - Back Wellness Assistants
Learn from a growing library of articles and videos. Receive daily smart recommendations. Gain the knowledge you need to survive and thrive.
Connect with peers. Share experiences. Gain inspiration and motivation. Support is always available and a couple clicks away.
Interact with health care professionals via telehealth to receive the guidance you need to continue your path of wellness.
Take Action
Intelligent action plans with tasks, goals and reports to keep you moving forward with overcoming back pain and spine issues.

About BackerNation

BackerNation was born of out frustration, out of necessity and believing there is a better way than the status quo. We hate back pain. And we don't believe there is a comprehensive digital solution out there for people with back pain.

BackerNation (BN) is a digital therapeutics platform for people with back pain and spine issues to empower them with the knowledge, technology and healthcare services they need to recover, manage and overcome their back and spine challenges.

BackerNation is built by people with back pain for people with back pain.

The majority of our team is comprised of people who either experience back issues or have a loved one that is directly affected by it. This makes us not only empathetic to your challenges, but also the most motivated to create solutions that create results.

Join us on the journey to destroy back pain. We are launching soon. Sign up for our email list to receive back pain relief tips while we prepare for launch. We will also notify you as we get closer to launch.

What People Are Saying

About BackerNation

Richard M.
Finally a place for back pain sufferers to get support and receive the tools they need to increase their quality of life. Can't wait to use it every day. Great idea!!!!
Eliazabeth W.
While my fusion was a success, I still struggle. BackerNation helps me each day to stay positive and productive. My little virtual back buddy. :)
Lisa Y.
Sometimes no one really knows what you are going through until they have gone through it themselves. I like that I can get support from people that have lived a day in my shoes.
Joseph F.
Didn't receive the proper treatment pre and post op that I should have to get better and stronger. Wish BackerNation existed when I was going through my issues.